C2 Connection Overview and Schedule

C2 Connections meetings in the Jean Benson lounge (Ground floor of Lyon Tower) on the Evansdale Campus of WVU.  It is a place to connect with God and others.  It has basically three components:  1. Hanging out together.  2. Discussing the Bible together.  3. Eating!

We’ll be doing 3 different series through the 2017 Fall Semester:

Series 1.  What are we waiting for?   There are times when we need to wait for the Lord and there are times we are wasting time.  This series will help us discern what to do and when to do it.

·      Worship or Work, the Mary and Martha story

·      Stop light of God: Red or Green?

·      But it feels right/disciplines 

·      Eschatology/It’s worth the wait

Series 2.  Survey of Matthew.  This series falls in conjunction with our Sunday morning class on how to study the Bible.  We’ll take a few weeks to explore the first book of the New Testament to better understand its context and meaning for our life today.


Series 3.  It’s not my fault!  In this series we’ll be looking at the dark side of some of our favorite Bible Heroes to discover they are very human like us.  Too often we think we are too flawed but in this series we’ll talk about sin, redemption and God’s ability to use us to accomplish His purposes.

·      David

·      Solomon

·      Peter

·      Paul 

C2 Connections Wednesdays

August 30th  Worship or Work

September 6thStoplight of God

September 13th But it feels right


            September 17th College Church at CMA Church (308 Elmhurst St. Morgantown WV 26505)

September 20thEschatology

September 27th Mathew part 1

            September 30th Fall Retreat

October 4th Matthew part 2

October 11th Matthew part 3

October 18th  David

            October 22nd College Church at CMA Church (308 Elmhurst St. Morgantown WV 26505)

October 25th Solomon

November 1stPeter

November 8thPaul

November 15th Operation Christmas Child Week

November 22nd Thanksgiving Break

November 29th ?

December 6th Celebration (The day before finals)