C2 Direction

C2 Directions, starting on 8/15/21, will be joining the CMA Church of Morgantown in their Growth Groups. Growth Groups are very similar to Sunday School classes. The classes start every Sunday morning at 10:00am. However, starting at 9:30am, there will be fellowship time with free coffee and donuts. The following list show all of the classes available. You can join any of the ones you qualify for. Look at the CMA Church of Morgantown website for more information: https://www.cmachurch.net/classes.php

Habits for Life

Busyness: Find God in the Whirlwind

The Living Word

Women at the Well

Biblical Parenting

International Discipleship

Joy Class

Following the Growth Groups, there will be a 11:00am church service. You can watch the service at the church or live from: https://www.cmachurch.net/

For more info on the Growth Groups and other ways to get involved at CMA Church,

please check out the CMA Church groups page.